Sora no Otoshimono

Ended 2 Seasons - 26 Episodes
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Heaven’s Lost Property / Sora no Otoshimono ro sub gratis online hd – Tomoki Sakurai este un adolescent al cărui motto este ”Liniștea și pacea sunt cele mai bune.” Însă liniștea și pacea sa vor avea de suferit enorm începând cu ziua în care un Angeloid numit Ikarus aterizează într-o zi în fața lui. Ikarus devine servitoarea lui Tomoki și o urmează și alți Angeloizi care îi distrug liniștea și pacea atât de mult dorite.: Forte! Tomoki may long for peace and quiet, but with Ikaros and Nymph still adjusting to life on Earth, things aren’t likely to calm down anytime soon. Plus, there’s a new Angeloid on the scene – and she’s been sent to eliminate Tomoki!

And check out the hilarious, super-sexy Heaven’s Lost Property movie, The Angeloid of Clockwork! Hiyori’s a sweet, shy girl infatuated with Tomoki. To get closer to the dirty-minded object of her affection, she joins the New World Discovery Club and starts bonding with Ikaros, Nymph, and the gang – until a sudden, tragic accident changes everything. Why is she trying to kill Tomoki, even after confessing her feelings?

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25m 2009 663 views

Season 2
1 <img src="" alt="Image "> You Strip, Too! The Return of the Full-frontal Hero2010
2 <img src="" alt="Image "> Bombshell! The Angel is a Big Boob2010
3 <img src="" alt="Image "> A Proud-fought Battle!2010
4 <img src="" alt="Image "> Mortal Combat! Hot Spring Snowball Fight at 1.4° Below2010
5 <img src="" alt="Image "> The Brother Who Came From Heaven2010
6 <img src="" alt="Image "> Reach a Decision! The Up and Down of Heaven and Hell2010
7 <img src="" alt="Image "> Tomoki Devours Watermelons2010
8 <img src="" alt="Image "> The Voices of the Songstresses and the Angels Echo Through the Sky2010
9 <img src="" alt="Image "> A Fierce Fight! Fishing at a Carnival of Dreams...2010
10 <img src="" alt="Image "> Looking Through the Keyhole to the Field of Fantasy2010
11 <img src="" alt="Image "> After an Elegy of Illusions2010
12 <img src="" alt="Image "> The Ladies Flap Their Wings in the Morning Forte2010
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