Tears to Tiara 1x4


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Arawn leads the Gaels to Avalon, a city run by elves and their former capital. As Arwan open's the city's gates, they are greeted by two Houses Elves,Limwris and Ermin. While both of them know who Ogam and Arawn is, Limwris is surprised to learn that Arthur and Riannon are King Pwyll's descendants. As they give a tour around Avalon Castle, she reveals that the numbers of elves living here have dwindle and the castle was made by an angel. But the mention of an angel angers Arthur as he saw his father killed by one when he was younger. While exploring a weapons store, Arawn and Arthur are trapped by a magic spell by Epona, a merchant elf who at first mistaken them for thieves. As the Gaels hunt Giant Crabs for food using a crab flute, Arawn leaves the feast to find Riannon praying at a cliff. There he learns she is praying for the god Myrddin, who gave fire to humans and was punish by the other gods. Arawn comments the god isn't suffering anymore as he’s always with them as part of this world, which makes Riannon wonder if Arawn have meet Myrddin before in his time. Unbeknownst to them, Gaius is heading to Albion with an Armada.
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